celebrating success together!

BELOW ARE some highlights from the HUBCAP Wallingford:

Denisha Kuhlor, Plucked Admissions LLC. Plucked Admissions went from a start-up company to now having 200 colleges using the app that she developed. PBS filmed a special at the HUBCAP documenting Denisha’s success. You can visit them online by clicking here.

Anthony Diep, Hot Blood LLC.  Hot Blood started at the HUBCAP as a pop-up store and has since rented a storefront on Center Street. You can visit their online store by clicking here.

Katherine Desy , RMD Biotech, LLC.  RMD is a start-up company founded by Syracuse University alumn, Katherine Desy. She and a team of professors and biomedical engineering students have created a company to commercialize a patent for a silver hydrogel wound dressing that can dress a wound for up to 15 days. The goal is to be able to provide all the tools needed for better patient care. Visit them online here.

Kaarish Maniar - Capstone student.  Kaarish's Capstone project was to do an art auction with the proceeds going to charity. He had 34 pieces of art, all of which were sold!  He was able to raise an impressive amount of money for the selected charity. Kaarish was the first student in the district to complete his capstone project which he did entirely using the HUBCAP. He was recently placed as an intern with a downtown attorney. Read the story here.